Fraser McGregor Fence builder, in North Northumberland and Scottish Borders

       Farm Fencing
   During the winter months we spend most of the time working on farm fences but we are flexible enough to undertake a farm job at any time of the year. Experience has shown that stock have no concept of time and will find a way through a fence whenever it suits them not when you realise there is a problem.

Whether it be building new or repairs to old, all jobs are undertaken.

A 15 foot gate installed in agricultural fencing.
A completed post and rail farm fence.
A slip gate for occasional use
Post Driver
  • Sheep proof stock fence.
  • Dropper fence.
  • Knocking in new straining posts.
  • Tightening or replacing old wires.
  • Scare fencing - barbed or electric.
  • Replacing broken stabs / droppers.
  • Rabbit proofing.
  • Tree protectors.
  • Gateways widened.
  • Countryside access features such as footpaths, stiles and steps.

Where ever possible our tractor and post knocker is used and we try to leave the site as clean and tidy as possible.

We also undertake other jobs not related to fencing.

  • Pasture and gras topping with tractor and 9 ft topper.
  • Strimming and brush clearance.
  • Chainsaw work.

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